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Close/Schliessen X A review of Summerjam 2006

...Do di dutty wine gal do di dutty wine.....panik starts spreading in the photo trench, the massive freaking out and up frontline the girls start fainting out. Ele, Ele....its friday evening mainstage, first highlight of Summerjam 2006 - Elephant Man . the "Energy God". Jamaicans best dancehall export of the past years. What a show! Never seen him live in Germany before but this show compensates it all. Seems like u cant stop him - one hit follows the next, he is dancing, jumping, climbing and singing. The Crowd is on it. Ele wants to go on performing even though his time is over and leaves the stage telling the crowd its the best audience he had ever had. His last song, an interpretation of "We are the world" finishes his Summerjam premiere show - well done Ele! Defentely my highlight of this years Summerjam.

At the same time on the greenstage Tiken Jah Fakoly, a big name in the African Reggae scene, is ending the first summerjam day with his show to an all succsessfull day. Friday the opening day for Summerjam 2006 was a musicle mix of international and German bands as Dr. Ring Ding, Culcha Candela and not to forget the performance of the "Great Old" Reggaeartist like I-Jahman Levi, The Gladiators, The Mighty Diamonds and The Congos.

The well assorted musical program is not the only attraction though that makes every years Summerjam, the biggest 3. day reggaefestival, to one of its kind. Its the lovers of Reggaemusic who come together in Cologne Bay from all over the world. Again this year we count round about 25.000 reggaeenthusiastics of some reach far before the actuall music event to celebrate a peacefull togetherness. Besides culinary pleasure from all over the world you can find a lot of unusual souveniers in the "Reggaecity" that has developed around the lake area fast. Besides clothing, music or even hairstylists everything the Reggaeheart desires can be found here at the Fühlinger See. And this year is a very special year because for the first time within 5-6 years the sun is blaszig throughout the whole festival.

And the weather is one reason why everybody seems to be up early saturday morning. The clean and fresh water invites to take an early morning refreshing swim in the lake. There is a lot to see still before the show starts. A lot of "Action Points" on the island are catching peoples attraction and giving them a chance to test their acrobatical skills. An action playground garanties a lot of adventures for the whole heap of children that are visting this years summerjam. Around midday the crowd gathers in front of stages. Saturdays program starts with some big german based artist like Jah Meek & Marlene Johnson, Jamaram,and Jan Delay. The godd vibes seem to be there from yesterday still and as I-Wayne, one of the latest big concious artist out of Kingston, starts telling the crowd the story about Striperella, it seems like the hot sunshine and the heat of the crowd melt together as one.

Following the concious touch of saturdays program Morgan Heritage presents a great show on the mainstage. But there is no time to rest as the show goes on with the real stars of the slogan "Music of the next Generation". Dean Frazer warms up the crowd with his fantastic saxophone play and as Andrew Tosh, the son of the late great Peter Tosh, enters the stage the show is perfect. The Grammy Winner of 1989 is known as an excellent live perfomer which he his proofing ones again. He is singing a lot of his fathers tunes and unfortunately there is not much time for his own tunes because he is sharing the show with Luciano. As the "Messenger" and self-proclaimed "Reggae Ambassodor" takes over i am heading for the green stage to wittness a very special artists on the stage. Junior Kelly finally reached a hit with his single "If Love so nice". He is not new to the reggae scene but it took a long way and hart work into the top reggae league for him. To me he is a brillant performer who brighten up the world with his smile and accordingly his show debauch us to leave into another world. Its really worth it to listen into his album "Though life". Whilst Chico, Lord Kossity & Nicky B are getting ready to enter the green stage i am heading back to the main stage where the highlight of the day is beeing expected. Even two sons of the legendary Robert Nester Marley are going to perform on stage now. Damian J. Gong Marley and his older brother Ziggy Marley. Damian Marley already had a sold out concert in Colgone at the begining of this year, which i unfortunately could not attend. Thats one reason why i am really glad to see him with "flying" dreads on stage now. Bringing all the hits from his 2 Grammy awarded album he ones again proves that music was given as a natural talent to the Marley children and smoothly Ziggy Marley fits in the show. With the performence of his latest album "Love is my Religion" there is a good chance that he might get some more attention again because it was quiet around the trible Grammy awarded lately.

I am heading for the greenstage again because there is a big dancehall event to be happening now. Cecil, known as the leader in dancehall partnerships. Combinations with Elephant Man, T.O.K. and Sean Paul demonstrade her abilitys even though she made herself a name as a producer long time before she started singing. After she warm up the crowd with her "hot" show General Degree, who still claims the title "The master of the explicit lyrics", is taking over the scepter. Besides intensive works on his last album "Bush Baby" he reached out to new buisness fields with his own fashion label lately. But the show is not over yet which the crowd is demonstrating with the greating of the next act. T.O.K. form up for the second time around at Summerjam. The security is on high alert phase and watching the screaming girls up frontlight very tight. But thanks to the Lord there are no expected black out seizure but there will be a view hoarse voices amongst the fans tomorrow! After this great dancehall party on the stage something is pulling me automaticly to the completion of each years "Saturdaysummerjamday". The Sir Benni Miles Tent promises a lot of action with sounds like Sentinal and Pow Pow as it is a matter of fact a big party. And as i am finished and out about 4 o´clock just managening to reach my sleeping quarter, i am asking myself if this day can be topped?

But sunday is still to come and i am late already. Apache Indian, Anthony Locks, The Pioneers, Third World and the Rasits already satisfied with their perfomance as i am looking forward to Joy Delanane. The queen of German soul does not only persuade with her impressive voice as she is always an eye candy to watch. With the tunes from her latest album, which will be on the market in august, she leaves the stage for another great artist - Toots & The Maytals. Frederick "Toots Hibbert" is taking us back into time. With a voice that still is deemed to be one of Jamaicas best soulvoices, he is giving us Hits like "Monkey Man", "Pressure Drop" and Thats my Number. Songs that take us back to a time of the Reggae Music where exactly the very Toots and The Maytals create the word Reggae with their tune "Do the Reggay". In that mood its easy to concentrate on the last big show and the highlight of this years Summerjam. Jimmy Cliff, who became world famous with his legendere Jamaican film "The harder they come" enters the stage with his colorfull outfit. The experienced entertainer lays down an intoxicating show and everything seems to be perfect now - but .... the ending of Summerjam 2006 is near aswell. Whilst Patrice is finishing off the musical program with his creol-english lyrics mixture on the green stage, the fireworkers are getting ready. As an good old tradition Summerjam ends with a duly and imposant fireworks.

We are still discussing the experienced as the area is getting empty - Summerjam 2007 - we are awating u longingly! It was a peacefull and succsessful festival with a couple of positive changes to the last years. To enter the campingarea u did not need a ticket and some of the toiletts in the concert area could be used free of charge this year. The crowd was even provided with free water even though that pleasure was interrupted shortly caused by an unexpected mishap. Apart from 2-3 little happenings even the securitys seem to be in an all better mood than in years before. Not to forget the police, who i hardly saw in the concert area this year which gave the whole festival a special note of peace. And didnt i see a "shaking with the riddim foot" with the ones that i saw? To all participants and helpers a special thanks for making another festival like this possible. Of course a very big thanks to Contour Music, the initiator and designer of this musicla happening! And last but not least a very special thanks to you, the FANS, who peacefully joint to write another chapter of Summerjam history!


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Jamaika Original Reisen
Jamaika Original Reisen
Jamaika Original Reisen
Jamaika Original Reisen
Jamaika Original Reisen
Agentur für individuellen Urlaub
Agentur für individuellen Urlaub
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